Weld Overlay


Weld Overlay

Glacier Energy is globally recognised as the market leader in performing weld overlay cladding (CRA overlay) services. This is a process that provides protection for various types of equipment used in any hostile environment.

UK's Only Dedicated Weld Overlay Solutions Provider

We help businesses all over the UK improve the efficiency, performance and productivity of their operations. Glacier Energy was one of the first companies globally to routinely clad alloy steel with various corrosion resistant alloys (CRAs) which have excellent properties of corrosion and strength to withstand working conditions of high temperature and pressure. We are the only dedicated overlay cladding solutions provider in the UK. Our state-of-the-art welding equipment uses cutting edge technology to support a dedicated team with vast technical knowledge of more than 650 client-approved and industry-approved Welding Procedures (WPS).

Surface and Subsea Critical Wellhead Equipment

Weld overlay provides the assurance of a heavy-duty metallurgically-bonded protective layer that will not be undermined or dislodged in service. We provide this for various surface and subsea critical wellhead equipment exposed to wellbore fluid such as valves, wellheads, Xmas trees, manifolds and hangers. As well as helping to prolong the life of these components, the weld overlay process can also be used to refurbish and upgrade components that have already been in service.

Various automated systems are used for this overlay cladding technique such as hot wire TIG and speed cladding, to apply high integrity corrosion-resistant alloys, including Inconel 625 and 825, Alloy C276 and C22, 300 and 400 series stainless steels. 

Can be applied to a variety of substrates:

  • Carbon Manganese
  • Low Alloy
  • Martensitic
  • Ferric Stainless Steels



Glacier Energy is the go-to partner in the provision of world-class welding solutions.

Track Record

Below is a selection of projects that showcases our capability and experience in the provision of welding solutions, including weld overlay and welding fabrication.

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