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Standardised or “off the shelf” heat exchangers provide adequate levels of thermal transfer for most liquid process streams. But a heat exchanger needs to do more than just heat a liquid or cool a gas.

To support your operations and increase the efficiency of your processes, it needs to account for the unique properties of your process streams and withstand the stressors specific to its operating environment.

Heat Exchanger

This might mean withstanding the thermal shock that comes with cyclic thermal loading duties, or coping with the sudden fluctuations in operating pressure notorious for shortening the lifespan of generic heat exchangers. 

If you intend to subject your heat exchanger to high-pressure or high-temperature liquids, aggressive media or corrosive gases, you’ll need a heat exchanger that’s manufactured using exotic metals, and other equally durable materials that still possess the high thermal conductivity needed to make your heat exchanger work efficiently. 

In these situations, a bespoke unit is normally the most cost-effective option.

Efficient, Effective & Robust Heat Exchangers

Bespoke heat exchangers can be optimised for specific scenarios: Materials can be chosen to match the precise profile of unusual or particularly difficult process streams, and designs can be tweaked to ensure you get the flow rates and thermal conductivity needed to operate at peak efficiency. 

Custom heat exchangers can also be manufactured to account for exacting space and weight constraints, access issues and environmental hazards – ensuring it is safe, effective and well-suited to its operating environment. 

In our experience, custom units are always more durable and efficient than their generic counterparts.

Case Study

Design and Manufacture of 5 Super Duplex Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Our client had a requirement for 5 super duplex shell and tube heat exchangers to be designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME VIII Div I & fully ASME U Stamp certified. We had responsibility for the complete manufacture of the units from thermal design, manufacture to delivery.

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Heat Exchanger Design and Manufacture

Heat Exchanger Design & Manufacturing Experts

For over 85  years, we’ve designed and manufactured bespoke heat exchangers for clients across the energy sector – from bluechip giants to renewable energy companies. 

We excel at designing bespoke heat exchangers for challenging environments. Our extensive knowledge of exotic metal manufacturing and dedicated facilities allows us to produce bespoke heat exchangers that are tailored to exacting specifications and our client’s requirements.

Project Engineer, Specialist Material Manufacturer

Team Lead

The support given was great. Assistance to help meet our objectives and technical answers to our questions were provided, especially when any issues with the build occurred. I would highly recommend Glacier Energy for future build. The team is also approachable, professional and friendly.

Code-Compliant By Design

We excel at designing bespoke heat exchangers for challenging environments. Our extensive knowledge of exotic metal manufacturing and dedicated facilities allows us to produce bespoke heat exchangers that are tailored to exacting specifications and our client’s requirements.

We design and manufacture:

  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Air Coolers
  • Fin Fans
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Radiators

We’re one of a handful of UK manufacturers capable of working with corrosion- or heat-resistant alloys like inconel, nickel-molybdenum and duplex steel and we’re ASME Div I (U1) & Div II (U2) certified. We’re also one of the only UK manufacturers with in-house thermal and mechanical engineering capabilities, enabling early engagement with clients and in turn forming high trust, long lasting relationships.

Working out of two highly specialised workshops in Rotherham and Aberdeen, each item is fabricated by coded welders to the ASME IX and BS EN 287-1 2011 standards, assuring the highest quality results.

Codes and Standards:

  • ASME VIII Div I & II (U Stamp)
  • PD 5500 / EN 13445
  • PED & PSSR
  • TEMA
  • API 660 & 661

In short, we’re a safe pair of hands: Well equipped to design and manufacture heat exchangers that provide the levels of performance and durability needed to keep your operations running smoothly.

  • ASME
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Energy API
  • TEMA
  • DNV GL
Heat Exchanger Design and Manufacture

Over 85 Years Of Hands On Experience. We’d Love To Hear About Your Heat Exchanger Project

Get in touch with our engineering team to arrange a discovery call, or download our track record for a more detailed look at our expertise

Reverse Engineering Specialists

We’re well-placed to help you reverse engineer assets that have reached the end of their lifespan. Drawing on the knowledge of industry experts, we can help you spec out and build custom equipment to fit in the same space as outdated equipment, or match the performance of highly customised equipment. 

If you are struggling to replace non-standard equipment, get in touch today. Our heat exchanger specialists will be able to review your current heat exchanger and provide a suitable replacement solution.

We can also help you install and test your new heat transfer equipment to make sure that it performs to specification. 

Research Strategic Lead

Going Bespoke – A Field-Proven Process

When it comes to designing or manufacturing a new heat exchanger, we always take a consultative approach. As industry experts with over 85+ years of heritage, we’re well aware of the fact that generic or standardised equipment is often the most cost-effective solution and we never recommend bespoke units when a cheaper - off the shelf - design would be suitable. 

That said, we’re equally aware of the fact that standardised heat transfer equipment simply will not meet demanding specifications. 

Operators working with aggressive media like phosphoric acid, drilling fluids or crude oil will be familiar with the need to commission bespoke heat exchangers that are manufactured from alloys capable of withstanding high levels of corrosion. 

img heat exchanger bespoke

Similarly, operators processing streams that require sudden fluctuations in pressure or temperature will already be familiar with the need to build heat exchangers capable of withstanding sudden shocks without blowing a gasket or otherwise compromising their integrity. 

And then there’s the general efficiencies of custom-built heat exchangers to consider. Where generic equipment is designed to perform in a wide range of environments, a bespoke heat exchanger can be optimised for your process or operation.  

If you’re working with high-pressure or high-temperature fluids and/or aggressive media, a custom-built heat exchanger that requires less maintenance or is less prone to fouling will always significantly outperform “off the shelf” equipment.

In situations where a bespoke heat exchanger is found to be the most efficient solution, our team will help you spec out, build and install a custom unit that’s designed to meet your specific needs. They’ll start out with a discovery call to learn more about your requirements. Our dedicated team will then work to design a heat exchanger that’s optimised for its future environment. Our team will review everything from the overall design to the width of your tubes or the size of your fins; paying particular attention to the specifics of your specification.

Once the design is finalised, we’ll get your approval and start the build of your heat exchanger in our dedicated manufacturing facility, which benefits from isolated clean rooms that allow us to safely manufacture parts and equipment using non-ferrous metals. Your heat exchanger will then be delivered direct to your site and - if required - installed by a team of expert engineers. The whole process is designed to be as simple and cost-effective as possible and we’re always on-hand to provide post-installation support or testing if required.

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