Heat Exchangers For Green Energy Storage Projects

Heat Exchangers For Green Energy Storage Projects
"We have the expertise required to take an idea, and make it commercially viable."

Efficient and scalable storage technology will be key to unlocking the full potential of renewable energy sources. While recent developments have significantly increased the capacity of many modern wind, tidal and solar energy farms, there’s still no changing the fact that most green technologies are inherently intermittent and seasonal.

As the International Energy Agency point out in Net Zero By 2050: A Roadmap For The Global Energy Sector, pre-existing energy infrastructure will not accommodate the inherent variability of these new energy sources.

But finding a viable alternative is challenging. Notwithstanding the costs of mining and carbon generated by their manufacture, even the very best lithium ion batteries are inadequate – and engineering more creative solutions to the energy storage problem requires support from domain experts in a number of fields.

Fully committed to making the renewable energy transition a reality, we’re working with several partners to pioneer technologies that are designed to improve the efficiency of various energy storage projects.

In fact, we’re currently working with national and international partners to build the heat transfer equipment that will make it possible to build commercially viable thermal or compressed air batteries. These are pioneering technologies at the forefront of the green energy transition.

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At The Forefront Of The Green Energy Revolution

With over 84 years of industry experience, Glacier Energy has the specialist knowledge required to manufacture custom heat transfer equipment using exotic metals like inconel or titanium. As one of the most inventive engineering teams in the industry, we’re the perfect partner for any green energy storage project.

Irrespective of whether you’re at the very beginning of the design process, need to develop a working prototype for laboratory testing or want to refine a developed green energy storage solution with a view to making it more efficient or viable, we would encourage you to get in touch with our engineering team.

We’re always interested in supporting our clients to pioneer new renewable solutions. We enjoy developing and building long-term relationships with companies that share our commitment to achieving the UK government’s net zero targets and want to further progress the UK’s green energy infrastructure.

This extends to university research teams, joint ventures and consortiums, green energy companies or oil and gas majors looking to transition towards renewable energy generation.

Heat Exchangers For Energy Storage Solution

Cheesecake Energy approached Glacier Energy to supply heat exchangers for their “eTanker” project, the worlds greenest energy storage technology.

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An Eye on Commercial Viability

Above all, we’re aware of the fact that green energy storage technologies have to be practical. If the UK energy sector is going to see wind, green hydrogen and other energy sources replace the current fossil fuel technologies that supply homes and industries across the country, we need to ensure widespread adoption – and that means manufacturing storage solutions that are

  • Efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Scalable

We have the expertise required to take an idea, and make it commercially viable. Sometimes, this means simplifying a design to reduce the manufacturing cost or creating a smart design that uses more affordable materials or off-the-shelf parts.

When dealing with green energy storage projects, we also come up against technical challenges that require specialist knowledge to navigate. As an example, we’re currently working with a UK-based company who are developing a scalable liquid air energy storage system (LAES).

Taking this project from initial testing through to developing a workable prototype and refining the design for production has been a long and involved process – drawing on our in-depth manufacturing expertise.

We had to find new ways of incorporating off the shelf parts to reduce costs, refine and develop twelve different designs to find a solution that was truly scalable, and overcome some significant engineering challenges to deliver a product that met the client’s brief.

But we’re proud to say that our engineering team have delivered significant progress – and the project in question will deliver a working green energy storage solution in the coming years. This isn’t an isolated incident either: To date, we’ve been involved in three multi-year projects to progress the UK’s renewable energy storage capabilities, and we look forward to further developing our capabilities in this area.

A Proven Process

When developing new technologies with a green energy partner, we prefer to act as a natural extension of your organisation. Rather than taking a brief and attempting to develop something in isolation, we work in partnership with your internal teams, designing and refining concepts until we have arrived at a workable solution.

Our focus is on ensuring that you can heat or cool at a reasonable cost; using reliable and hardwearing equipment that’s designed to stand the test of time – and improve the efficiency of business-critical processes.

We’re also one of the few UK companies with the expertise needed to design complex systems that adhere to exacting specifications. We design and manufacture out of a bespoke facility with dedicated clean rooms that allow us to build parts out of non ferrous metals, and we have a proven ability to build heat exchangers to meet all relevant regulations and legally required standards.

More to the point, we’ve spent the past eight years acquiring industry leading suppliers like Ross Offshore (2013), MSL Heat Transfer (2014) and Aberdeen Radiators (2018) – so that we can offer an expert service to renewable energy companies across the globe.

If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities around green storage design, or talk to a member of the engineering team about your project, get in touch today. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements and explain how we can help.

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