Riser Refurbishment Equipment


Riser Refurbishment

Glacier Energy’s Riser Refurbishment Machine provides an innovative method for both offshore & onshore repair and refurbishment of Subsea risers.

The Riser Refurbishment Machine allows the work to be carried out at a storage yard or an offshore barge, removing the need to transport the risers to a machine shop. This method also ensures the Box & Pin connectors aren’t removed from the pipe, ensuring the most efficient solution.

The Riser Refurbishment Machine can be customised to ensure all types of Box & Pin Connectors can be refurbished/repaired, within customer’s specification. The Riser Refurbishment Machine is used for machining the Steel base material, Stainless Steel & Inconel overlays.


Riser Boring Machine

Drill Riser Refurbishment: An innovative method.

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