Hydrogen Pressure Vessels for the Renewable Energy Sector

Hydrogen Pressure Vessels For The Renewable Energy Sector
"Finding a cost-efficient and safe way to store and transport hydrogen is key to unlocking the UK’s hydrogen economy. That's where we come in."

According to the National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios (FES) report, hydrogen is “required” to meet the UK government’s goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

In fact, the most credible pathway outlined in the latest FES report indicates that the UK’s renewable energy sector will need to deliver a tenfold increase in hydrogen production if we’re going to meet our clean energy commitments.

But the storage and transport of green or blue hydrogen is still a major challenge for the UK’s hydrogen production, supply and storage companies. Hydrogen is an ultralight gas, which means that it needs to be compressed (and kept at high pressure) or chilled to at least −252.87 °C before it can be stored or transported effectively.

H2 storage

Plans include building dedicated hydrogen pipelines and storing hydrogen gas in naturally occurring salt caverns, both of these ideas require substantial investment and a more developed hydrogen industry.

Finding a cost-efficient and safe way to store and transport hydrogen is key to unlocking the UK’s hydrogen economy. This is why we are working in partnership with a leading university to design and manufacture pioneering lightweight, cost efficient and safe hydrogen storage and distribution pressure vessels.

Working in collaboration with teams within the track one clusters, our thermal mechanical engineers are experts in designing bespoke solutions for the safe storage and transportation of large volumes of hydrogen.

A Partner You Can Rely On

Equipped with over 80 years of industry experience, some of the most knowledgeable engineers in the industry, and the dedicated workshops needed to build highly specialised pressure vessels for energy companies around the globe, we are ideally placed to supply best-in-class hydrogen storage and transfer solutions.

We’re also one of a select handful of UK manufacturers capable of fabricating equipment with exotic metals like hastelloy, duplex steel or inconel. But we don’t think our technical abilities are our biggest draw.

We could boast about our well-earned reputation for building durable pressure vessels that can withstand 1000 barg pressure.

engineer hydrogen storage

Or talk about how the acquisition of pressure vessel specialist, Whiteley Read allowed us to build on our existing capabilities and welcome some of the most experienced and knowledgeable engineers in the industry to our team.

But we think our collaborative approach is actually our greatest asset. Pioneering new technologies can be incredibly challenging. In a rapidly evolving industry, you may run into unexpected problems. That’s why you need a partner that you can trust to deliver reliable storage solutions on time and in budget.

That is where we come in. Problem solvers at heart, we know how to design innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex engineering problems. 

Longstanding Support from an Established Manufacturer

Irrespective of whether you’re working with tight space requirements, large amounts of product or a short turn-around time on a piece of mission-critical equipment, our engineering teams are well-versed at doing the discovery, planning and design work required to produce affordable storage vessels that move your project forward.

We also understand how to engineer vessels that integrate with pre-existing production or storage systems and we can manufacture to some of the industry’s most stringent codes – including ASME VIII Div I (U1) & Div II (U2), PD5500 and EN134450.

In short, we’re reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. We’re also committed to helping companies that are racing to make the UK’s clean energy ambitions a reality, and we have a strong focus on building long-term relationships with industry leaders who share our vision.

  • ASME
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Energy API
  • TEMA
  • DNV GL

Our skilled team is also equipped with the knowledge and equipment needed to help you maintain hydrogen storage and transport infrastructure.

We appreciate that you need mission-critical equipment to stand the test of time, and we are proud to provide dedicated maintenance and repair services that are designed to help you minimise unnecessary down time.

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