Blade Inspection And Repair

Blade Inspection And Repair
"A strong reputation as a progressive partner, highly focused on new innovations and techniques. We provide our clients with well-informed integrity recommendations."

The condition of wind turbine blades directly impacts the efficiency and longevity of the wind turbine.

Over time, blades are exposed to harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and heavy winds. This consequently leads to issues such as lightening damage, erosion or cracking, which if left unchecked may result in costly performance declines and the need for major repairs.

With over 30 years’ experience in the wind industry, we’ve built up a strong reputation as a progressive partner, highly focused on new innovations and techniques to provide our clients with well-informed integrity recommendations. Using our extensive wind expertise, we help our clients save time and money by offering market-leading blade inspection, maintenance and repair services to detect any integrity problems early on and ensure that they are dealt with accordingly.

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Blade Inspection

We understand the critical role that efficient and well-maintained blades play in the performance of the wind turbine. Our blade inspection services allow us to provide evidence-based advice to our clients, meaning that they can make well-informed decisions on the next steps to take. Our Blade Inspection services include:

  • Close Visual Inspection (CVI) - Internal and External
  • No Downtime Ground Based Camera’s
  • Drones (UAV Inspection)
  • End of Warranty Inspections
  • Lightening Protection Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) of Composite Material

We’re proud to partner with several innovative industry experts to provide: No Downtime Ground Based Cameras, Digital AI Monitoring Software and Drones (UAV’s) for blade inspection. With our extensive wind expertise combined with our partners’ impressive technologies, we can complete blade inspections quickly and effectively and provide our clients with high quality reporting.

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No Downtime Ground Based Cameras for Blade Inspection

Glacier Energy has entered a partnership agreement with Romotioncam, a leading provider of no downtime cameras which capture high resolution images of blade defects whilst the wind turbine remains in full operation.

Groundbased Cams Romotion 1

These innovative cameras perform at high wind speeds and rotations up to 25rpm and can inspect between 5 to 10 wind turbines per day with any blade length.

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Blade Inspection - Inspect
Blade Inspection - Analyse
Blade Inspection - Report

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Digital AI Monitoring Software for Blade Inspection

Ilosta Thermal Mapping Example

Glacier Energy works in partnership with Ilosta, a leading provider of Digital AI Monitoring Software to implement their innovative technology Crack Map into our Blade Inspection offering. Crack Map produces advanced 3D models based on the information collected onsite by Glacier Energy’s Inspection team, providing comprehensive blade analysis and clear insight into the condition of the blades.

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Ilosta is thrilled to partner with Glacier Energy, a leading provider of wind turbine inspections. The integration of Ilosta's cutting-edge technology into Glacier Energy's inspection services has been seamless, providing clients with evidence-based insights into the structural integrity and health of their wind turbines. We look forward to working together to help our clients prevent costly downtime, extend asset life, and maximise operational performance and productivity. It's great to be partnering with a leading provider of wind turbine inspections and we can't wait to see the benefits that this partnership will bring to the industry.

Drone Inspection (UAVs)

Drone Inspection

Glacier Energy offers Drone (UAV’s) blade inspections through our partner Air Tech Integrity.

This partnership means that we can provide a safe, efficient and highly accurate alternative in comparison to traditional inspection methods.

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Blade Maintenance and Repair

blade inspection repair

Our team are experts in restoring the strength and integrity of your wind turbine blades. We provide leading blade maintenance and repair services to ensure that your wind turbines blades return to full efficiency. Our services include:

  • Laminate Repairs
  • Full Lightening Protection System Maintenance and Repair
  • Lightening Damage Repairs
  • Tip Repairs
  • Leading Edge Repair and Maintenance
  • Basic and Full Structural Repairs

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