The LLC Clyde



The Clyde Lightweight Low Clearance (LLC) machine delivers new levels of adaptability in clamshell machining where accessibility and portability are a challenge.

It has been specifically designed and developed as a cost-effective solution for small-scale pipe cutting and weld preparation work in the most awkward operational spots – not least on offshore installations.

Capable of cutting light steel pipes of between 2″ and 18″ diameter, the Clyde LLC is nimble and easy to operate – but retains the recognised Clyde range characteristics of strength, speed and accuracy.

Its +/- 0.5mm welding preparation performance meets the standards demanded in the automatic welding era – and eliminates the hidden costs of high weld failure rates.

The steel split-frame Clyde LLC serves as testimony to Glacier Energy’s commitment to research & development: an innovation that broadens even further the application of the team’s engineering experience and technological expertise.


Technical Specification

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