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Thick Walled Pressure Vessels Custom-Built For The Energy Industry


Commissioning a bespoke pressure vessel isn’t straightforward. Codes like the ASME BPVC give you rough guidelines to follow, but there's still a lot to think about.

From head type to the type and thickness of the lining, the choices you make will have a profound impact on the performance and durability of the finished product - which is why it’s important to pick a manufacturer with the domain knowledge and experience needed to guide the process.

Whiteley Read

That’s where we come in. With a strong track record spanning over 85 years, Glacier Energy is the go-to partner for bespoke pressure vessel requirements. Our capabilities were strengthened through the acquisition of Whiteley Read Engineering, renowned specialists in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels and one of the oldest established pressure vessel manufacturers in the UK.

Over the years, we have worked with a wide range of clients within the energy industry and have supported large organisations including EPC companies and blue-chip companies like BP, Centrica and Shell.

Designing For The Future

Our strong history and engineering capabilities means that we have the ability to support energy companies that are in the process of improving their green credentials. We are actively working with leading universities and teams within the track-1 clusters to support projects in the hydrogen, carbon capture, energy storage and circular economy industries.

In fact, we’re even in the process of designing and testing a new hybrid, lightweight and safe composite pressure vessel, bringing a new cost effective and safe way to store and transport hydrogen to market.

Case Study

Produced Water Flash Vessel

Bluewater energy needed to replace a flash vessel used to treat produced water from the North Sea Pierce Development. Learn how we designed and built their brand-new vessel here.

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Pressure Vessel Design & Manufacture

High Pressure Pressure Vessel Experts

We specialise in the design and manufacture of thick-walled high pressure pressure vessels – using our extensive knowledge of exotic materials to fabricate units that can withstand pressures in excess of 460 barg.

We’re also one of a select handful of manufacturers that know how to manufacture using 500-QT steel and we’re well-versed at building vessels that are lined with corrosion resistant materials (CRMs) like Austenitic or Duplex Stainless Steel for units that need to be installed in inhospitable environments.

Global Energy Company

Team Lead

I understand there have been many technical challenges with the specification, design and construction of the vessel and the codes, standards and contractor material and welding specification requirements. I also appreciate that the challenges have been overcome by the proactive support provided by the Glacier Energy team throughout the bidding and construction phases. Thank you for the delivery of this high-quality product which was delivered on time and on budget.

Code-Compliant By Design

All of our high pressure pressure vessels are designed to be fully compliant with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC). Depending on your requirements, we can also design and manufacture pressure vessels that are compliant with standards like the British PD5500, the EU’s EN13445 or France’s CODAP codes.

Not sure which codes you’ll need to comply with? We’re also well placed to advise on the ins and outs of pressure vessel regulation so get in touch, and one of our engineers will help you out.

  • ASME
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Energy API
  • TEMA
  • DNV GL

Purpose-Built UK Manufacturing Facilities

  • Rotherham Facility

  • 15,000 sqft Workshop
  • 10,000 sqft Yard Space
  • Clean Room 100sqm Positive Pressure
  • Craneage – 2 x 20 Tonne and 1x 10 Tonne Crane
  • 200 Tonnes Max Weight with Load Out Facilities for Heavy Vessels & Packages
  • Fully Equipped Design Suite
  • Electroslag Cladding With Group Hot Wire TIG Capability
  • ASME Div I (U1) & Div II (U2) Certified
  • ISO3834 Certified
  • Aberdeen Facility

  • 13,000 sqft Workshop
  • 30,000 sqft Yard Space
  • Clean Area for Exotic Material
  • 10 Tonne Crane & 15 Tonne Forklift
  • Machine Shop
  • Oven for Plate Exchanger Refurbishment
  • Pressure Test Bay
  • Sub Arc Welding Station
  • TIG, MMA & Flux Core Welding plant
  • ISO3834 Certified
Pressure Vessel Design & Manufacture

Over 85 Years Of Hands On Experience We’d Love To Talk About Your Pressure Vessel Project

Get in touch with our engineering team to arrange a discovery call, or download our track record for a more detailed look at our expertise

An Established & Reliable Process

We’re happy to design and manufacture bespoke pressure vessels to meet a pre-existing specification, but most of our builds start with an in-depth discovery process.

Clients come to us with a rough sketch or a list of requirements, and we sit down with them to spec out their project. Our engineers will ask you about your needs, get themselves up to speed on the project, and start building a detailed list of requirements.

Case Study

Two Pressure Vessels For BP's Tortue Project

BP needed an LNG storage tank and a flare knockout vessel built for cryogenic loads. Learn how we built both vessels here.

Read Case Study

Once we know exactly what you need, our design team will swing into action; drawing up plans for a vessel that’ll meet your needs. They’ll also work hard to minimise the weight, size, and footprint of your vessel; whittling down the cost without sacrificing durability or corrosion resistance.

After you’ve had time to examine and sign off on our designs, we’ll begin the processes of manufacturing, testing, delivering and installing your new pressure vessel(s). This is a turnkey process that begins in our workshop and ends when you’re fully satisfied with your pressure vessel.

Pressure Vessel Design & Manufacture

We Design To Meet Any Specification

There aren’t many companies that can match our capabilities. Whether you’re trying to replace a single unit that’s reached the end of its life span, or order multiple pressure vessels required for a brand new site, we’re well placed to provide you with custom-built:

  • Hydrogen storage and distribution vessels
  • Storage vessels
  • Boilers
  • Process vessels
  • Carbon capture vessels
  • Separation vessels
  • Filter vessels
  • Coalescers
  • Heat Exchangers

Robert Gordon University

Research Strategic Lead

Glacier Energy is an excellent project partner who are proactive and fully committed in pioneering hydrogen storage systems in the renewable sector. The devoted R&D team is dynamic and are at the forefront of the hydrogen vessel development, a big enabler for energy security and supply chain. The Glacier Energy composite hydrogen vessels will revolutionise the efficiency in both liquid and gas hydrogen storage systems especially at large scale market.

Case Study

Reaction Vessel and Distillation Column

We helped Europe’s largest independent contract manufacturers of specialty chemicals and solvents double the capacity of their plant with several pressure vessels including a scrubber vessel with column, reflux drum, separator and distillation column. Here's how we did it.

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Want to Talk About a Pressure Vessel Project?

Irrespective of whether you’re looking to commission a replacement pressure vessel for a chemical plant, or work with a market-leading manufacturer to produce a bespoke pressure vessel for a hydrogen storage project, our thermal mechanical engineering team are always happy to chat.

When you get in touch using the contact form below, we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss the finer details of your project – and talk you through our approach to the discovery, planning and design work required to produce affordable storage vessels that move your project forward.

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