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"An increasingly large share of the world’s total investment in energy is going to projects designed to capture and store carbon, generate green hydrogen or harness wind power. "

The global energy landscape is undergoing a profound shift. Government initiatives like the 10 Point Plan For A Green Industrial Revolution and the UK Hydrogen Strategy are driving a structural transformation, and innovators around the globe are racing to supply groundbreaking solutions capable of satisfying the growing demand for clean energy. 

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) renewables and sustainable technologies will account for approximately 95% of the growth in global power-generation through 2026, and an increasingly large share of the world’s total investment in energy is going to projects designed to capture and store carbon, generate green hydrogen or harness wind power. 

But even the most innovative clean energy solutions will require significant infrastructure and technologies that depend on equipment familiar to anyone working in the oil and gas industry. 

Groups like the new HyNet North West project, the Acorn project and the East Coast Cluster are all exploring ways of using traditional pressure vessels to store and transport captured CO2,  and the Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP) are also looking at ways of capturing the carbon produced by the Keadby 1 and Keadby 2 power stations using traditional heat exchangers.


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Facilitating Change

Equipped with over 80 years of hands-on experience - and drawing on knowledge from some of the industry’s leading experts - we’re ideally placed to design and manufacture the pressure vessel and heat exchanger equipment needed to support the development of sustainable energy solutions and initiatives.

More specifically, we have the specialist thermal and mechanical engineering capabilities needed to build pioneering shell and tube heat exchangers.

Green and Blue Hydrogen

Green hydrogen solutions are on track to provide up to 24% of our energy needs by 2050, but scaling these technologies requires advanced cooling, storage and distribution capabilities that pose a significant challenge.

We can design and manufacture hydrogen storage and distribution pressure vessels, and our thermal mechanical engineers are actively working on advancing technologies to optimise storage capabilities.

Carbon Capture

The Global CCS Institute estimates that we'll need over 2,000 dedicated carbon capture and storage facilities to meet our climate mitigation targets. 

Developing these facilities presents its own challenges: Safely storing and transporting liquid or gaseous CO2 requires specialised pressure vessels manufactured to exacting specifications, which is something we’re more than capable of supplying.


To minimise downtime and extend the life of on- and off-shore wind farms, operators need to carry out regular inspection and maintenance work, but accessing blades and other high-wear parts is often easier said than done.

To help solve this problem, we’ve pioneered a rope access NDT offering that’s designed to equip your staff with the skills needed to safely access and inspect mission-critical infrastructure – improving the efficiency of your operation, extending the lifespan of your equipment and allowing you to preempt expensive problems. 

Case Study

Working at Height Winter Campaign

Find out how we successfully completed Internal and External Close Visual Inspection and Lightening Protection System Surveys on twenty 163m wind turbine generators (WTGs) in -4 to -15 degree temperatures.

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A Turnkey Solution For The Renewables Market

Pioneering new technologies is challenging. If you’re on the forefront  of energy innovation, you need a trusted and reliable partner that can take care of the fine detail, and deliver best-in-class equipment.

You also need a partner organisation that you can trust to keep your equipment up and running on a day-to-day basis, and maintain the efficiency of mission-critical infrastructure. 

End-to-End Support

Following the acquisition of industry leading suppliers like Ross Offshore (2013), MSL Heat Transfer (2014), Whiteley Read (2018) and Aberdeen Radiators (2018), we’re ideally positioned to provide end-to-end support to any firm working in the renewables sector.

This includes hydrogen energy specialists who need bespoke pressure vessels to solve their storage problems, right through to carbon capture companies who need someone with reverse engineering capabilities to build them a bespoke heat exchanger or pressure vessel that fits in a small or restricted space.

We also provide UKAS-accredited non-destructive testing (NDT) services that are designed to provide reliable information about the integrity and efficiency of wind farms both onshore and offshore, from mapping lightning damage on blades to inspecting the welds on steel monopiles to ensure that new turbines are up to code.

Manufacturing Expertise

There are several UK-based companies capable of manufacturing high-spec pressure vessels and heat transfer equipment, but few can match our track record for innovation or in-house capabilities. 

Problem solvers at heart, we’re well-versed at coming up with creative solutions to the complex engineering challenges presented by rapidly-evolving renewable technologies.

Exotic Metals Manufacturing

We’re also one of a small handful of UK manufacturers capable of fabricating heat exchangers, radiators and pressure vessels using exotic metals and alloys like duplex steel, titanium, hastelloy or inconel.

These materials can be challenging to work with, but they have unique properties that are ideally suited to environments where high levels of corrosion, extreme pressure and/or cyclic thermal stress are expected to be a problem. 

Generally speaking, equipment manufactured using exotic metals like titanium or inconel tends to be stronger and more durable than equipment manufactured using traditional alternatives like stainless steel, which means that your equipment should have a much longer lifespan.

Manufacturing Expertise

But we’re not in the habit of recommending “one size fits all” solutions to our clean energy clients. Instead, we tend to take a collaborative approach: Working closely with your team to gather accurate requirements and draw up bespoke designs that anticipate your needs and make it easier for you to execute on your core objectives. 

We also have workshops with dedicated clean rooms, so that we can safely manufacture parts and materials using non-ferrous metals.

  • F4OR
  • Lloyd's Register
  • The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing
  • Safe Contractor
  • ISO 17020
  • UKAS Inspection 9114

A Field-Proven Process

Over the past eight decades, we’ve refined a process that allows us to provide consistent and reliable services to energy clients with a range of different challenges. 

Whenever we’re engaged to help develop, repair, test or improve critical infrastructure, we always start with a site visit, meeting or consultation that allows us to  build a complete picture of your challenges, and better understand your requirements and desired outcome.

Balancing Reliability, Durability and Performance

Once we know what you need, we put our heads together and come up with a range of solutions that address your challenges. 

Whether we’re developing a new heat exchangers or working out how to repair a damaged cooler, we always work hard to find a fit-for-purpose solution that balances reliability, durability, cost and performance – minimising downtime and maximising the efficiency of your day-to-day operations. 

We manufacture in two dedicated UK workshops, we’re well-versed at coming up with innovative solutions to time-sensitive problems and we have a good working relationship with respected inspection and certification bodies like Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, DNV and ABS.

In short, we’re the ideal partner for companies creating technologies that support UK and global net zero commitments.

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