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HTX Digital
HTX Digital is based on innovation and collaboration, using the inherent value of Glacier Energy’s technical experts to analyse and interpret client data into actionable insight, for smarter decision making.

As market leaders in the provision of full turnkey heat transfer solutions, Glacier Energy has developed an innovative, predictive maintenance tool, that provides a proactive approach to heat transfer equipment maintenance, to better manage risk through mitigating unplanned downtime.

HTX Digital is a non-intrusive monitoring tool that uses existing data combined with predictive analytics to trend and predict the future performance and degradation of heat exchangers leading to smarter decision-making and more effective maintenance scheduling. As well as providing significant cost and time efficiencies, it helps reduce our clients’ carbon footprint by optimising cleaning routines through using less energy.

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Using a range of statistical analysis and algorithms, Glacier Energy’s in-house experts can analyse client data to provide an intelligent heat exchanger maintenance schedule to ensure your equipment performs at its best throughout its lifetime.

HTX Digital

Making Maintenance Smarter

Making Maintenance Smarter

Lost production in the UKCS due to heat transfer equipment failures, is estimated to be around £600million. HTX Digital can potentially reduce maintenance costs and unplanned downtime by 25% and 30% respectively. Furthermore, we can help clients save millions in early warning catches using our proactive and preventative maintenance programme that maximises return on asset investment.

Using a unique blend of people, processes and technologies, HTX Digital is about working with our customers to provide the information they need to take the right actions, at the right time.

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