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Fix problems before your equipment integrity is threatened

When replacement of expensive assets isn’t practical, we'll help you repair or refurbish heat transfer equipment that’s starting to show signs of fatigue.

Over the course of their operational lifespan, most heat exchangers are exposed to high-stress conditions.

From cyclic thermal loading to sudden fluctuations in operating pressure, there are many things that can impact the performance of mature or sub-optimal units that aren’t built to withstand the challenges of their operating environment.

Tubes crack, welds fail and metal surfaces start to corrode; limiting the performance of your equipment or forcing a hasty shutdown that causes unplanned downtime and a subsequent drop in productivity.

In the case of maturing assets, subtle changes in operating parameters and/or processes that are radically different from those in place when the exchanger was originally designed may be enough to impact the efficiency of your equipment or cause a stress-related failure that has a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

Replace? Or Repair?

To head off these problems, some operators prefer to replace heat transfer equipment as it reaches the end of its operational lifespan – commissioning heat transfer specialists like Glacier Energy to design and build brand-new heat exchangers, radiators, boilers or tanks that are purpose-built to deliver reliable performance over ten or twenty years.

But heat transfer equipment is expensive - and switching exchangers in-situ can be challenging.

If the replacement of expensive assets isn’t practical, we can help you repair or refurbish heat transfer equipment that’s starting to show signs of fatigue. With over 85+ years of industry experience, we’re well-placed to help you diagnose and solve problems before they threaten the integrity of your heat exchanger, boiler or tank. We carry out similar work for energy clients all over the world, including renewable energy companies, blue-chip oil giants and major refineries in Europe and beyond.


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Case Study

Seawater Heater Repair

This seawater heater had a tube failure and required an urgent repair. We delivered a superior functioning unit within a three week turnaround.

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Extend The Lifespan of Mission-Critical Equipment

Today, we like to refer to ourselves as a solutions partner; capable of offering a complete aftermarket and repair service to clients across the globe. For cracked, corroded, fouled or failing heat transfer equipment, we offer fast and reliable repair services, including:

High-Pressure Jetting, Mechanical or Chemical Cleaning

Remove blockages and get rid of built-up contaminants like soot or scale, which can reduce the efficiency of mission-critical heat transfer equipment.

Re-tubing or Tube Replacement

On-site tube or tube bundle replacement can increase the operational lifespan of traditional shell and tube exchangers, and help you avoid expensive shut-downs.

Replacing Heads, Elements, Tube Plates, Baffles or Stacks

We operate well-equipped workshops in Rotherham and Aberdeen, allowing us to manufacture replacement parts for a wide variety of heat transfer equipment. These replacement parts can then be fitted in situ to minimise operational downtime.

Repairing Damaged Channels or Shells

Replacing or upgrading critical parts helps to make sure that your heat exchanger, boiler or radiator is operating at maximum efficiency.

Reverse Engineering and Rebuilding Non-Standard Parts

Thanks to our long years of experience and HTE expertise, our engineering team can analyse, plan and build essential components to extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Coded Weld Repairs

Repairs are fully compliant with PED 2014-EU and other - equally-relevant - pressure equipment standards or directives. 

As one of a handful of British manufacturers equipped to fabricate equipment using exotic metals and/or materials rated for sour or corrosive environments, we’re ideally placed to help you model and machine replacement parts for failing equipment.

We’re also ideally placed to help you test or inspect refurbished heat exchangers or equipment in accordance with API Standard 616 and any other relevant inspection directives.

NDT Inspection and Servicing Specialists

In 2014, Glacier Energy acquired Professional Testing Services (PTS) – an industry-leading supplier of non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection services. This acquisition provided us with the expertise needed to offer best-in-class maintenance and post-repair services to clients in the renewables, oil and gas or power generation industries.

Case Study

Re-manufacture Of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Re-manufacture of a feed effluent shell and tube heat exchanger in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU Module G, in line with design codes.

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Reliable Repairs for Time-Sensitive Projects

Over the last 10 years, we’ve developed a reputation for delivering reliable repairs on a tight deadline. Most of our clients approach us because they need someone to refurbish or overhaul a mission-critical heat exchanger, but our expertise isn’t limited to heat transfer equipment.

Alongside the usual fin/fan coolers, shell and tube exchangers or HVAC systems, we also repair peripheral equipment like boilers, radiators and valves. Ultimately, we want to provide an end-to-end support service that allows us to extend the lifespan of your equipment.

A Safe Pair of Hands for Critical Heat Transfer Equipment

We strive to add value at every step and we’ve made it our mission to deliver a cost-effective solution that solves problems and takes the hard work out of managing your equipment. Our engineers are always on hand to troubleshoot underperforming equipment and recommend a sustainable solution.

We're also on-hand to brainstorm innovative solutions to recurring problems and help you ensure that your heat transfer equipment supports your core processes.

Longstanding, Field-Proven Expertise

Our longstanding experience in the field and our sound working knowledge of all modern heat transfer technologies makes us an ideal partner to any operator who’s looking to extend the lifespan of their equipment without sacrificing efficiency or significantly increasing the cost of their maintenance programme.

Codes and Inspections

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  • Lloyd's Register
  • Energy API
  • TEMA
  • DNV GL

Our Process Protects Your Equipment and Your Investment

Whether we’re repairing a heat exchanger in situ, machining a tube bundle or overhauling an inefficient radiator at our Rotherham and Aberdeen workshops, our process is always the same. First, we start with a detailed inspection that’s designed to help us pinpoint problems and provide a cost-effective solution.

  1. Drawing Up Detailed Plans of Your Equipment

    Our engineers will also study any plans and drawings of your equipment to help them understand the design parameters and identify any areas of concern. Once this is done, we’ll go away and draw up plans for our repair or refurbishment processes – speccing out any replacement parts and listing the work that needs to be done.

  2. Fabricating Replacement Parts and Heat Transfer Equipment

    After you approve our plans, we’ll set to work. Sometimes, this’ll involve machining new equipment or tube bundles. But in most cases, our engineers will be on-site replacing damaged parts, tensioning bolts, cleaning tubes or repairing welds.

  3. Testing and Inspecting Your Heat Exchanger Equipment

    Once your heat exchanger or heat transfer equipment is functioning properly, we can help you test and inspect everything in-line with the relevant industry standards, allowing you to get on with your business – safe in the knowledge that your HTE is operating at peak efficiency.

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