Heat Transfer Equipment Services and Solutions

For businesses in the energy, manufacturing and processing sectors, finding the right heat transfer technology has never been more important.

Tightening regulations, increasingly-stringent environmental legislation and growing pressure to improve the efficiency of day-to-day operations are creating something of a sea change, pushing operators to find and install heat transfer equipment that’s designed to.

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Minimise energy consumption
  • Cut process run times
  • Minimise maintenance outlay
  • Operate at peak performance for the duration of their rated lifespan

With over 85+ years of industry experience

Glacier Energy is more than capable of producing best-in-class heat transfer solutions that clear these hurdles. Irrespective of whether you’re our heat transfer experts will be able to help you find equipment that moves your business forward – and cuts down on unnecessary waste.

We’re also equipped to design bespoke heat transfer solutions for companies with exacting requirements that can’t be met by conventional or “off the shelf” heat transfer technologies, including units designed to cope with corrosion, extreme pressures and/or cyclic thermal stress. 

We’ve designed complex heat transfer systems for blue chip companies across the Caspian region, Europe and the rest of the world – including chemical manufacturers, energy companies and oil majors who frequently need bespoke equipment capable of operating in extremely confined or restricted, sour and inhospitable environments.

We also design and manufacture heat transfer equipment for renewable and alternative energy companies.

Heat Transfer Solutions


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A Turnkey Solution To Your Heat Transfer Problems

We’re often asked to repair or upgrade existing equipment in situ; travelling to processing plants, refineries or offshore platforms to overhaul assets that are no longer working at peak efficiency. This is work that we’re well-equipped to carry out. Our engineering teams are used to providing on-site technical services for clients, including:

  • Non-destructive testing and inspections
  • Cleaning
  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Comprehensive remediation and overhaul services

We also benefit from the long-standing experience needed to action intensive repair work in relatively tight maintenance windows; minimising downtime and reducing disruption to mission-critical processes.

Where disruption must be kept to an absolute minimum, our engineers can even reverse engineer old or outmoded heat transfer equipment that’s still in service; modelling your equipment in our dedicated workshop space so that we can machine and replace fouled or failing parts without taking important machinery off-line for extended periods.

Case Study

Refurbishment of E6 Gas Cooler

A complete deconstruction of a tube bundle followed by a technical survey. This project was completed in 8-10 weeks less than similar work scopes.

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Heat Transfer Technologies Design Capabilities

We excel when we’re asked to design new heat transfer technologies from scratch; utilising decades of in-house experience to plan and manufacture best-in-class systems that are designed to maximise the efficiency of your processes.

We’re adept at picking solutions that offer the best possible compromise between reliability, durability and performance. We’re also one of a handful of UK-based manufacturers capable of working with exotic metals like duplex or super duplex steel, titanium or nickel-molybdenum alloys – enabling us to supply innovative and robust heat transfer solutions for use in extreme conditions or particularly challenging environments.

Case Study

E207 Tube Failures & New Design & Manufacturing Solution

Premature failure meant this heat exchanger had to be replaced every 3 years. We designed and manufactured new heat exchanger units for a fraction of the cost.

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With You Every Step Of The Way

Where some providers prefer to offer a transactional service, we partner with our clients; supplying project management and consultancy for all your heat transfer problems. The diagram below showcases the full range of services we offer to clients across the industrial spectrum.

Heat Transfer Solutions

Heat Transfer Equipment Repair And Maintenance Services

To operate efficiently, heat transfer equipment requires regular maintenance. We can help you service and repair mission-critical machinery to minimise the risk of unplanned downtime and keep operational costs as low as low as they can possibly be.

Our engineering team can also help you test, inspect and certify heat transfer equipment to ensure that you are fully compliant with any relevant industry regulations.

Reverse Engineering Services

Equipped with years of experience in modelling, manufacturing and machining heat transfer equipment, we’re well placed to help you reverse engineer failing equipment that can’t be replaced with a standard part.

We have the scientific and technical ability needed to replace old or outmoded technologies in situ and we have helped a number of clients design energy-efficient replacements for equipment that’s been in service for many decades.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Maintenance Services

During operation, all heat exchangers undergo the process of fouling, where solid materials build up on the surfaces responsible for dispersing heat. Over time, this process reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of your equipment, which is why we offer in situ cleaning services that are designed to remediate fouling.

We’ve also developed our own predictive maintenance tool called HTX Digital, which monitors your heat transfer equipment and allows you to schedule maintenance in a way that minimises unnecessary downtime.

Failure Analysis

NDT and inspection specialists with decades of hands-on experience, we know how to diagnose, prevent or repair failing heat transfer equipment.

We can help you remediate common problems like fatigue cracking, stress corrosion cracking, fouling or freezing, repair damaged welds, and design solutions for more complex problems like thermal fatigue or erosion.

Heat Transfer Equipment Design and Manufacturing

Working from state-of-the-art facilities with a dedicated design suite, we manufacture standardised heat transfer equipment for a broad range of industrial processes. To date, we’ve fabricated and installed fin-fan coolers, shell and tube coolers, radiators, plate heat exchangers, motor coolers, charge air coolers, HVAC coils, pig launchers and receivers, boilers and pressure vessels, filters, evaporators and skid packages.

For clients with specific and exacting requirements, we also design bespoke heat transfer equipment that’s tailored to suit your needs. Taking care to account for process requirements, size constraints and material suitability to ensure that we deliver equipment that meets or exceeds your specifications.

Everything we design and build is fully compliant with the latest industry standards, including ASME VIII, TEMA, EN13445, PD5500 and API 660

Codes, Standards and Compliance

  • ASME
  • TEMA

Industry Leading Heat Transfer Experts

We've worked hard to ensure that we’re a reliable and trustworthy partner – with the expertise needed to deliver best-in-class equipment to clients across the globe. Over the past ten years, we’ve acquired industry leading suppliers like Ross Offshore (2013), MSL Heat Transfer (2014) and Aberdeen Radiators (2018), allowing us to strengthen our offering and provide an expert service for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Prospective clients will also be pleased to hear that we are

  • ASME Div I (U1) and Div II (U2) certified
  • ISO 9001/14001/18001Certified
  • BS EN 3834 Certified

Glacier Energy also works to secure inspection, verification and certification from respected third parties like Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, DNV and ABS. Our dedicated workshops have clean rooms that allows us to safely manufacture parts and equipment using non-ferrous metals and we have a long established reputation for providing an impeccable end-to-end service.

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