Heat Transfer

E207 Tube Failures & New Design & Manufacturing Solution

Customer: Chemical Manufacturer

Location: International

Published in Heat Transfer


The client had to replace their heat exchanger unit every 3 years due to premature failure.

  • Tube contained lethal substance titanium tetrachloride (TiCI4)
  • Tetrachloride leaked into water supply
  • System had to be shut down decommissioned and cleaned

Glacier Energy carried out failure analysis investigations and found the following:

  • Accelerated corrosion of tube due to change in cooling medium not being treated
  • Accelerated corrosion caused tubes to delaminate and foul
  • Local erosion and flow problems caused tube to fail 


  • Water treatment and quality could not be constantly guaranteed
  • Other companies replaced with expensive Incoloy bundles
  • Problems with the tetrachloride and stainless reacting


Glacier Energy designed and manufactured new heat exchanger units for a fraction of the cost, with the following:

  • Bi metallic tubes
  • Stainless steel outer / Carbon steel inner
  • Engineered methodology using ferrule to guarantee connection and separation of stainless

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