The Glacier Energy journey

Our Evolution

History & Heritage

At the core of the Glacier Energy brand, is the company’s deep-rooted capability amassed through the acquisition of some of the most technical and reputable brands in the industry. Our mission was to create a fresh alternative in energy services, providing customers with world-class technologies, exceptional service and enhanced value, all from one integrated provider.

Glacier Energy was formed in 2011 with the acquisitions of Roberts Pipeline Machining and Wellclad. Roberts Pipeline Machining designed and manufactured precision on-site portable cutting machines, offering a fast and economical solution to the machining needs of blue-chip oil and gas clients, while Wellclad provided weld overlay and cladding services for offshore subsea equipment. In our aim to create a specialist, full-service engineering solutions business for the global energy market, these two complementary and inter-related businesses served as the catalyst for several years of exciting growth and investment.

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Bolstering our machining expertise

In June 2012, the acquisition journey quickly continued with the purchase of Site Machining Services (SMS), a specialist provider of onsite machining to the offshore market, construction yards and the petrochemicals industry. This acquisition, which complemented the Roberts Pipeline Machining and Wellclad businesses, helped Glacier Energy to meet rising international demand for its services and further enhanced our ability to deliver high-quality machining products and services, across all our markets.

Industry-leading heat transfer solutions

To continue building on our range of onsite technical services and expertise, Glacier Energy acquired Ross Offshore in 2013, renowned specialists with decades of experience in the installation, repair, refurbishment and replacement of heat exchangers. This acquisition, a natural strategic fit for Glacier Energy’s offshore business, was then swiftly followed by the acquisition of MSL Heat Transfer in 2014, which strengthened our capability in the design, manufacture and repair of radiators and coolers. Together, the two companies formed Glacier Energy’s heat transfer division.

Expanding our capability

Still on the acquisition trail, Glacier Energy acquired Professional Testing Services (PTS) in 2014, an industry-leader of non-destructive testing and inspection services. As well as complementing and enhancing our existing offering, the addition of PTS into our portfolio opened new opportunities both for repair & maintenance, and in the support of new-build fabrication and assembly projects, in the oil & gas, renewables and power generation industries.

Our inspection division currently pioneers some of the most innovative inspection methods in the market, enabling clients to make better-informed decisions to manage the safety and integrity of their maturing assets and critical infrastructure.

Experts in our field

In 2018, Glacier Energy reinforced its dominant market position in the heat transfer solutions sector when it acquired Aberdeen Radiators from G&M Radiator. The same year, Glacier Energy also acquired Whiteley Read Engineering, renowned specialists in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, columns & towers, and pipework & skid packages. These acquisitions further bolstered our heat transfer proposition in the UK’s offshore and onshore markets.