Heat Transfer

Refurbishment of E6 Gas Cooler

Customer: Repsol Sinopec

Location: Offshore North Sea

Published in Heat Transfer


Due to historic crevice corrosion at the inlet gas pass, the client required the refurbishment of a high pressure gas cooler. 

The Glacier Energy team carried out a complete deconstruction of the tube bundle followed by a technical survey.


Glacier Energy proposed and procured a new forged shell side tube sheet to replace the oil tube sheet to rectify the issues. Mid way through the process, a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) review was carried out.

Due to the pressure differential in the cooler, Glacier Energy carried out a finite element analysis (FEA) and proposed a design modification that would redirect cooling water via the high temperature inlet pass at the tube plate.


  • Integrated services providing heat exchanger design and refurbishment services, weld overlay and onsite machining services
  • Work scope completed in 16 weeks, 8-10 weeks less than similar work scopes
  • Delivered within schedule even after additional modifications
  • Additional modifications had no cost implications 
  • Quick turnaround ensured integrity of the platform was maintained with minimal disturbance

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