Glacier acquires Aberdeen Radiators

Strengthening Heat Exchanger Repair

Aberdeen Radiators was founded in 1983 before being sold to Richard Irvin and subsequently to G&M Radiator in 2015. Aberdeen Radiator specialises in the servicing, installation and repair of radiators, heat exchangers and coolers, and will further boost Glacier’s existing heat exchanger capability in Aberdeen and Birmingham.

Scott Martin, executive chairman, Glacier Energy Services, said, “Aberdeen Radiators perfectly complements our existing services and infrastructure. It offers customers an even greater wealth of knowledge and experience in a key area of our business.

“Aberdeen Radiators has been a valued name in the heat exchanger sector for many years, and we believe that with the combined expertise of our Glacier team there is significant added value to be offered to new and existing customers.”

Glacier has continued to boost its capabilities in the heat transfer market through the acquisition Ross Offshore, the specialist in heat exchanger repair and refurbishment services in 2013 with MSL Heat Transfer, the Aberdeen-based radiator and cooler design, manufacture, repair and refurbishment provider, added to the portfolio in 2014. In addition, Glacier opened a facility in Birmingham in 2016 to add heat exchanger design and manufacture capability for both offshore and onshore market requirements.

John Blake, managing director of G&M Radiator, commented “Aberdeen Radiators has been an important part of our group over the last few years, but we feel that it can better fulfil its potential within Glacier especially in the offshore arena where it has an established footprint. Glacier is already an important customer of G&M Radiator, and we look forward to continuing to support it and Aberdeen Radiators going forward”.

Founded in 2011, Glacier has gone from strength-to-strength with a number of strategic acquisitions across all its offerings, including onsite machining, welding solutions and non-destructive testing. With more than 200 employees across the UK, Europe and Middle East, the acquisition of Aberdeen Radiators heralds a continued optimism for the markets moving forward.

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