Glacier Energy Makes Exciting New Rope Access Developments

18th March 2022

Glacier Energy has made exciting new developments and expanded their service offerings to include Rope Access solutions to support the wind industry, both on and offshore. This service includes conventional and advanced NDT, blade inspection and lightening protection system surveys. This is in addition to the existing rope access services offered, which includes working at height consultancy, supervision and rescue cover.

By Glacier Energy offering conventional NDT and advanced NDT with Rope Access this can assist in meeting additional requirements for clients. This could involve in-service inspection of structural welds of wind turbines, UT inspection of anchor bolts and connector bolts, inspection of nacelle frames, inspection of gear box and generator securing frame and inspection of hub connectors.

Blade inspection has also been a recent development for Glacier Energy. This consists of offering phased array ultrasonic testing of composite material, internal and external close visual inspection (CVI), lightening protection system survey and blade repair.

Following these advancements, the team was recently awarded a contract with a new client. The scope of work was similar in both locations and involved blade inspection through completing Internal and external close visual inspection of the WTG blades and lightening protection system survey.

Commenting on Glacier Energy’s recent developments, John Macdonald, Rope Access Manager / Technical Authority said “The addition of Rope Access allows us to support our clients in a more cost-effective way whilst maintaining very high safety standards. The additional service offerings complement our core business, and it is great to be supporting the wind industry in the journey to net zero.”

These developments have been a great step forward for Glacier Energy and it is an exciting time for the company.

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