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Four Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Customer: PBS

Location: North Alwyn Platform, North Sea

Four Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
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Glacier Energy was tasked with the provision of gas export coolers for Total Exploration and Production UK’s (TEPUL) North Alwyn Platform in the North Sea. The scope of work included the design, fabrication, assembly, inspection, testing and supply of four shell and tube heat exchangers.


Using their extensive manufacturing expertise, Glacier Energy came up with an effective solution and produced four shell and tube heat exchangers.

PBS Heat Exchangers Case Study

The heat exchangers were produced using low temperature carbon steel, roughly 4.5m long, 2.5m wide and 1800 tall. The weight was just under 15 ton with a wall thickness of 92mm. Throughout the process, Glacier Energy ensured that PD5500 CAT 1, TEMA 4 and PED category 4 module G were all applied.


  • Due to Glacier Energy’s engineering expertise and design capabilities, it allowed the weight to be reduced to suit the clients requirements. This was something that other manufacturers could not offer.
  • The full project was delivered in house at Glacier Energy with the exception of the machining and forging.
  • The heat exchangers were delivered on time and the client was highly satisfied.

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