Glacier Energy Provides Heat Exchangers For Ground-Breaking Green Energy Storage Solution

25th October 2021

Glacier Energy has supplied four heat exchanger units to Cheesecake Energy Ltd (CEL), the company developing the world’s greenest energy storage technology – eTanker.

eTanker lowers the cost of medium to long-duration energy storage and turns renewable energy sources like wind and solar into reliable, on-demand power. The eTanker system uses thermal and compressed air energy storage to achieve costs that are 30-40% lower than that of the cheapest batteries currently available, by repurposing long-lasting, proven industrial components from existing automotive, oil and gas equipment supply chains.

heat exchangers

The energy storage system contains four heat exchanger units (HXUs). CEL has designed and built a prototype system and approached Glacier Energy to design and supply the heat exchangers. Glacier Energy was selected as a supplier capable of providing 100s, 1,000s and ultimately 10,000s of similar units as production of the eTanker is ramped up during 2022-2025.

Glacier Energy provided all stainless-steel heat exchangers, designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME VIII Div. I&II & PED. These heat exchangers, which sit within the eTanker containers, are bespoke hairpin-style shell and ‘U’ tube bundles, fully welded in construction, and were designed for 25-years lifespan.

Glacier Energy and CEL are currently collaborating on other projects for further innovative thermal storage technologies.

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