Glacier Energy nurtures next generation of energy leaders

17th August 2021

We believe in supporting the next generation of energy leaders as we work towards our net zero goals.

Earlier this year, Glacier Energy employed three interns for a 12-week summer placement in our Aberdeen office – Matthew Corray, Ambika Nepali and Ben Miller.

During their time with us, they developed their skills working on a new, exciting renewables project, furthering our investment in a lower carbon future.

Research states that UK clusters are set to step up production of hydrogen in the coming years, and by 2050, the demand for hydrogen will be between 150 and 500 million metric tonnes per annum.

To address this, our interns developed a Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Product that is being further developed by Glacier Energy’s Engineering Team.

Tracie Watson, Business Development Director at Glacier Energy said: “During their time with us, Matthew, Ambika and Ben all demonstrated their knowledge, intuition and forward thinking for the energy industry and were a joy to have on board.

“The research and proposition they developed for the Hydrogen Storage and Distribution Product is truly impressive and we look forward to delving deeper into the idea they cultivated.

“The future of the energy industry is reliant on the fresh, innovative ideas from all involved in the sector – including those who will one day lead the way. We are proud to contribute to the development of talent within the wider energy and renewables sector and look forward to welcoming more interns through our doors to continue this.”

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