Heat Transfer

Replacement Tube Bundle

Customer: Bitumen Refinery

Location: North West England


A North West England Bitumen manufacturer engaged Glacier Energy during their annual shutdown to provide a turnkey solution to support their heat exchangers.


Glacier Energy removed the 3 bundles but during cleaning the team was only able to completely clean and IRIS inspect 1 bundle. The other 2 bundles and components, both tube side & shell side, were heavily contaminated with bitumen. As the client had one new replacement bundle already on-site, it was agreed to re-tube the third bundle on a rapid turnaround re-using the existing tube sheets. This involved Glacier Energy cutting off the tube sheets to have them de-stubbed and cleaned with new baffles, cover plates and tie bars, all within the specified timeframe. 


Glacier Energy provided a complete heat exchanger turnkey solution and our ability to react and adapt to the changing work scope meant we could save the client money by reducing the shutdown period.

Based on our service and speed of delivery, we are working towards a successful and long-term partnership with this client.

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