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Ross Devaney, Graduate Chemical Engineer

12th November 2020

Tell us about your background and what brings you to Glacier Energy

I graduated from University last year and applied for the graduate chemical engineer position at Glacier Energy because of the exciting new project I would be getting involved in. The Glacier Energy team are currently working on a new digital predictive maintenance tool for heat exchanger management, providing a proactive approach to maintenance to better manage risk by mitigating unplanned downtime. This sounded like an interesting and innovative project as well as a great opportunity to be a part of something unique, and very relevant, with the aim of reducing emissions within the UK energy sector.

What are your first impressions of the company so far?

My first impression, even before joining, was that Glacier Energy is a diverse and ambitious organisation with significant expertise across the energy sector. In my time with the company so far, it is clear that Glacier Energy is fully committed to improving clients’ operating assets by developing valued-enhancing solutions aimed at reducing costs and improving the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of their operations.

How can the work that you/your team do, support our clients’ heat transfer challenges?

The development of Glacier Energy’s new digital predictive maintenance tool for heat exchanger management has the potential to identify trends and potential risks during operation, with fouling being the primary area of focus.  It promotes smarter decision making that can result in increased asset availability and better maintenance scheduling with both cost and time efficiencies.

Other benefits include reduced energy consumption which in turn would lower the carbon footprint and running costs of heat exchangers. This is an exciting programme for the whole team and one we intend to launch to the market very soon.

As a graduate chemical engineer, how do you see your role developing withing Glacier Energy Services?

I hope to have the chance to gradually get more involved in a wider range of projects, especially aspects involving technical design, whilst also gaining a more grounded understanding of industry practices, codes and standards. Being in a position where I can work closely with experienced individuals and learn from them is also very important to me.

What would your advice be to others thinking about joining the industry?

I would say make use of the wealth of information and material available online such as company websites, videos, articles and stay on top of any latest news and developments. This helped supplement my studies whilst at university and is continuing to help me gain a better understanding of the industry in my current role.

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