Power Generation

Within the power generation sector Glacier provides products and services to coal fired, hydro, and natural gas power stations.

Glacier provides solutions to the power generation industry, for new and existing facilities.

With strong expertise in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers, radiators and coolers, the team has provided turbine lube oil, seal oil, transformer oil, generator air & hydrogen coolers, manufacturing new replacement units, retubing existing equipment, cleaning and servicing existing units, with significant experience in the use of titanium

Glaciers’ advanced non-destructive testing techniques, particularly eddy current, pulsed eddy current and iris inspection, have been used on projects for condensers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks and pipework.

In addition, the specialist onsite machining services offered by Glacier provide specific expertise working in the complex environments within the power generation industry, where ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions may not be applicable.

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