Glacier provides products and services to both new and exisiting petrochemical plants.

Glacier provides expert solutions for repair, maintenance and upgrades as well as new build and manufacture.

Glacier manages and supports full turnkey projects and maintenance driven scopes of work with a variety of services and products offered to both new and existing petrochemical plants

With unparalleled expertise in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, columns, pig launchers & receivers, skid packages and heat exchangers, the in-house thermal and mechanical engineers have provided expertise in the manufacturing of new replacement units to the client required specifications, retubing existing equipment onsite or in our workshops and removing the bundles, cleaning and servicing existing units to the desired cleanliness allowing full NDT to be carried out.

Glacier’s advanced non-destructive testing techniques, particularly eddy current, pulsed eddy current and iris inspection, have been used on projects for condensers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks and pipework.

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