Oil & Gas

Glacier’s business operates across the entire oil and gas supply chain, in both OPEX and CAPEX situations.

With experience across the complete life cycle, Glacier understands the increasingly challenging environments of oil and gas recovery, and the need to ensure safe, profitable operations. The team has provided specialised solutions both on and offshore, with extensive experience in the North Sea as well as delivering an impressive portfolio of projects internationally.



Glacier knows that it is imperative that assets are optimised to ensure maximise productivity to suit current process conditions , both for upgrades or downgrades.

The team works with customers to provide a range of solutions offshore platforms and drilling rigs, that aim to reduce maintenance downtime and improve production capacity.


Tougher, more remote recovery environments is changing the way in which offshore platforms are being delivered.  Quality and globally consistent solutions are required in order to ensure streamlined ops & maintenance for the future. Glacier’s extensive experience working on the construction of topsides and jackets means our team is well placed to provide specialised solutions to meet specific requirements, delivered as a stand alone service or with the added benefit of multi-bundle workscopes.

Late Life & Decommissioning

Glacier’s ability to provide fit-for-purpose engineered solutions that are executed in the most cost-effective way is a popular approach for late life assets. By minimising disruption to production and offering expert solutions to extend the life-cycle of equipment, as well as prepare the asset for Cessation of Production.

Glacier has provided integrated workscopes on a range of mature oil and gas platforms, working with clients to create solutions that fit specific requirements and tight deadlines.

In addition, Glacier’s onsite machining products offer specialist cutting for well abandonment projects, with applications where a bespoke solution is required and traditional methods such as diamond wire and high-pressure water jetting may not be appropriate.

Midstream & Downstream


Glacier offers a range of products and services to meet operational requirements, including onsite machining, non-destructive testing and heat exchanger services are provided for onshore terminals and refineries, delivered within turnarounds or as part of ongoing maintenance activity.


For new build terminals and refineries, Glacier offers extensive experience in providing products and services that offer high-quality, increased life cycle for the likess of heat exchanger products, conventional and advanced non-destructive testing and onsite machining products.

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