Flange Face Machining

Extensive range of flange facing products to deliver accurate machining solutions

Glacier has an extensive range of flange facing equipment capable of machining up to 120” diameter.

The range includes internally and externally mounted type equipment with the capability of machining various type flanges such as raised face and RTJ.

Customer Type

International Operator (Field Management & Operations)


North Sea Offshore Platform

Project Summary

Emergency work to be carried out during compressor breakdown , with various flanges requiring immediate remedial work.

Challenge Set By Customer

The platform had been shutdown due to equipment breakdown. Glacier was required to mobilise manpower and equipment immediately for offshore support. Within three hours equipment and a technician had been deployed to the offshore platform to assess the problem.


Glacier provided the customer with the required equipment and manpower within three hours of receiving the enquiry, to resolve the flange defects previously found. Within two days, all work was complete to the customers satisfaction and  compressor was back in operation.


Operator did not have to extend the shutdown making significant savings due to Glacier having immediate response capabilities.

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